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www.AllVacationReservations.com is an innovative, low cost, Internet based reservation system that will help Vacation Rental companies and Proprietors manage their entire business. The system applies to all Vacation and Rental companies including, but not limited to, Hotels, guest houses, Inns, apartment rentals, home rentals, campgrounds, etc...  The system will work for any size property from a single unit rental to a hotel with hundreds of rooms.  The functionality of www.AllVacationReservations.com includes, but is not limited to:

- Internet booking capability

- Reservation calendar and reservation tracking

- Payment systems

- Cleaning scheduling and tracking

- Maintenance scheduling and tracking

- Marketing and sales tracking and reporting

- Expense tracking and reporting

- Payroll systems

- Inventory systems for parts and supplies

- Resource database

- Unit (room) information database

- Much more!! 


www.AllVacationReservations.com was developed by Culebra Vacation Planners of Culebra, Puerto Rico.  Culebra Vacation Planners was established in 2001 as a Property Management company on the Caribbean Island of Culebra, Puerto Rico. Over the course of it's first five years of operation, from 2001 to 2006, Culebra Vacation Planners increased from 4 rental units to over 100 rental units.  The company now rents and manages virtually every type of rental property that exists in today's market, including, but not limited to, hotels, guesthouses, rental apartments, rental houses, and rental condominiums.  During the course of the rapid growth of Culebra Vacation Planners, the company searched for many years for the leading edge reservation system available on the market but could not find a system that would meet the needs of Culebra Vacation Planners.  All systems the company found available on the market had large fees, large commission rates, high annual renewal rates, limited capability, high complexity, or all of the above.  After a futile search of the marketplace for a reservation system that would meet all of it's needs, Culebra Vacation Planners decided to develop their own system.  The result of this development effort is www.allvacationreservations.com.


Some advantages of www.AllVacationReservations.com are:

-Internet booking capability, thus making every computer in the world a potential front desk/reservation terminal.

-Low cost. The cost of
www.AllVacationReservations.com is pennies per room night booked. Therefore, the cost is low and only occurs when you sell your product. There are no upfront fees, no annual upgrade fees, and no large commissions to pay. www.AllVacationReservations.com charges a MAXIMUM of 0.49% per room night booked.

-Simplicity. www.AllVacationReservations.com is a very user friendly, simple system. In addition, should you have any trouble signing up or using the system, Culebra Vacation Planners technical support staff is available via phone, E-Mail, or Instant Messaging in Spanish and English.

www.AllVacationReservations.com gives you the ability for Internet booking and management; therefore reducing your workload, saving time, and allowing your company’s staff more time to work on more productive items.

-Our Promise. Culebra Vacation Planners has so much confidence in their system that if you find another system with the same functionality as www.AllVacationReservations.com at a lower price, Culebra Vacation Planners promises to meet or beat this price. 

30 day free trial?  Culebra Vacation Planners is so convinced that 
www.AllVacationReservations.com is such a superior product that Culebra Vacation Planners is willing to offer a 30 day free trial period to all Vacation Rental Companies that would like to try www.AllVacationReservations.com.